Boundaries Bar and Grill; where north and south meet.

  Patti J Vance’s family roots are in the scenic rolling hills of Viroqua, Wisconsin. This area is referred to as the Kickapoo River Valley, where the west branch of the Kickapoo River gently winds south into the Wisconsin River.

Johnny K Vance’s family has their roots in the beautiful Tug River Valley between West Virginia and Kentucky.  The Tug Fork River rises in the Appalachian Mountains and gently meanders through the mountains and rests in the Tug River Valley.

When the Marine Corps League building became available, Patti and Johnny saw an opportunity to cross boundaries and bring together their passion of the north and south.  The location was ideal as the Rock River was reminiscent of the rivers of their past.  Our canoe logo is a reminder of the rich history of river travel from the Kickapoo, the Tug and the Rock River.

You’ll find Boundaries Bar and Grill to be an eclectic mix of north and south.  A 1900s barn from Clinton, Wisconsin was painstakingly dismantled and given new life at Boundaries where it was used to create the warm and welcoming interior décor.

Patti J and Johnny K Vance wanted no boundaries put on the quality of service, food or good times that are to be had at Boundaries Bar and Grill.  You’ll find yourself surrounding by friendly staff,  “down home cookin’”, and understanding why our motto is; “We don’t limit happy to just an hour”.  Stop in and set a spell!